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Dr. Fahamu Pecou Advocates for Atlanta School for the Arts

I grew up attending SC public schools. In the 80s and 90s, though, the arts were a part of the curriculum, they were still pretty much considered elective courses. What made this a frustrating reality for me was that nothing about art for me was “elective”. In fact, creating was (and remains) very much an essential part of my being. I took any course that allowed me to be expressive: art, chorus, band. I gained a deeper appreciation for math through learning to read and play music. Visual art deepened my communication and literary skills. These so called electives enhanced my overall learning and made other subject areas make sense to me.

I can truly say that art made me a better student.

I can only imagine the impact an arts-centered education would have had on me in my formative years. Across the country, schools have shuttered arts programs as if they are luxuries. More and more studies point to the necessity of teaching to individual learning styles while public schools adopt one-size-fits-all curriculum practices. As a parent of creative-minded children, I understand even more profoundly now the significance of nurturing the creative mind and providing spaces for those types of thinkers to not only grow and learn, but to also THRIVE.

This is why I support the formation of the Atlanta School for the Arts.

No child, no mind should feel at odds with how they develop. The Atlanta Public School system should provide ample spaces and opportunities that speak to the uniqueness of our children and the various learning styles that exist.

Please join me in supporting the founding

Atlanta School for the Arts!

Dr. Fahamu Pecou is a world-renowned multidisciplinary artist and scholar whose works combine observations on hip-hop, fine art and popular culture. Pecou’s paintings, performance art, and academic work addresses concerns around contemporary representations of Black masculinity and how these images impact both the reading and performance of Black masculinity. Follow him on IG @FahamuPecou and learn more about his work at

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